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Flannel Fun Quilt Pattern - Digital

Flannel Fun - 63" x 77"

Flannel Fun is a quick, puzzle-like quilt pattern.  Use with any coordinating big print fabrics and complimentary solids.

Fabric Requirements (includes Binding):

Circles - 1 yard*
Black Floral - 1/2 yard*
Tan Floral - 2/3 yard*
Black Dots - 1/3 yard*
Tan Dots - 1/2 yard
Green - 1/3 yard*
Purple - 1 yard
Blue - 1/3 yard
Rust - 1/4 yard
Gold - 1 1/4 yard

Fabrics marked with * are within 1-2 inches of actual requirement.
Instructions are based on 42" of fabric.  If you pre-wash your fabric and have shrinking, you may need more fabric.
Purchase more fabric if you do not want to work within such close parameters.

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